March 2022 Newsletter

Our annual Food Drive is up and running. Make sure you spread the word on drop off locations and bring the weekly items to the Margaret Carpenter meetings. Thanks to everyone who has already dropped off food!

Our food drive supports the following local food banks:
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church
Immaculate Heart of Mary Food Bank
Thornton Community Food Bank
Food For Hope Food

Drive Drop Off Locations:
~ Northglenn Recreation Center (1 E. Memorial Parkway)
~ Maintenance & Operations Building (123rd and Claude Court)
~ Northglenn Senior Center (Parson’s Theatre entrance)
~ Northglenn City Hall (11701 Community Center Dr.)
~ Trail Winds Recreation Center (13495 Holly St)
~ Trail Winds Active Adult Center (13495 Holly St)
~ Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center (110th & Colorado Blvd.)
~ Thornton Active Adult Center (112th and Colorado Blvd.)
~ Thornton City Hall (9500 Civic Center Drive)
~ Thornton Community Center (2211 Eppinger Blvd)
~ Community Connections (9471 Dorothy Blvd)
~ Legacy Christian Fellowship (92nd & Hoffman Way)

Local Eats: We supported so many of our local restaurants last year simply by rotating around each month! This is a Rotarian tradition and not only does it bring back a piece of the original Rotary Club format of changing locations, but it also gets us out in the community so we can be more visible, meet new people, try new things, all while supporting our business communities. Bonus: wear a “Rotarians at Work” or “Duck Derby” shirt to promote our club and the great work we do! Let’s really show our community who we are in 2022!